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Who Are We

The AXF community is a central gathering point where interested technical and non–technical people with interest in long term storage, archive and preservation advancement can gather to keep abreast of developments in the area of the Archive eXchange Format (AXF) standard.

With applications including data storage, transmission, archive and preservation, AXF has a wide reaching appeal to many people with varied backgrounds including end–users, preservation organizations, government agencies and manufacturers. 

Our goal is to continue to advocate and educate around AXF and evolve into an open community forum around the AXF open-standard.

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Our Goals

• Work with end-users and manufacturers to assist in AXF development

• Track new AXF use-cases and implementations

• Work with various industry bodies on continued evangelization of AXF

• Leverage our community to advocate for AXF across all sectors

• Act as the conduit for continued advancement of AXF technology

• Remain an independent central portal for everything AXF



If you are a technology provider or end-user contemplating AXF in your environment, please contact us at or submit your questions or comments here. We have a team of AXF experts ready to assist.

We endeavour to respond to inquiries within 24 hours.